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AKG K812 PRO Over-Ear Headphone (Made in Slovakia Version)

$1109.00 AUD

1 year DWI Inhouse Warranty, 3-7 Business Days Ship. AKG K812 PRO Over-Ear Headphone (Made in Slovakia Version) Description: The K812 from AKG is an over-ear, reference quality headphone that, with its extended frequency response, is perfect for mixing, mastering, and audio production. Various enhancements are included that allow the headphone to deliver high headroom and dynamic range, detailed imaging and excellent impulse response. An air-flow dome provides control over the membrane movement for reproducing dynamics that other headphones might not handle, and the 1.5 Tesla magnet system offers highly accurate imaging. The large 53 mm transducer and the two-layer, copper-covered aluminum voice coil provide managed modal behavior, superior impulse response, and a frequency response up to 54 kHz. Special Features:  - Open Back- Mixing, Mastering, Music Production- Large 53mm Transducers- 1.5 Tesla Magnet System- 36