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Shared 30 Dec, 2016
Bargain - Free - The War of Alien Aggression (Box Set One) Kindle Edition @ Amazon

Free The War of Alien Aggression (Box Set One) Kindle Edition @ Amazon

All of Humanity's first alien conflict in a single volume - the 2164-2165 war from the first engagement to the final detonations. 550 pages, 192K words
HARDWAY (book one)
Intelligent life reaches out toHumanity using particle beam weapons and masers. The pilots and crewof the privateer carrier Hardway are first to fight in the conflictthat quickly escalates from a bloody first contact to a full-scaleinterstellar war.
130 pages
KAMIKAZE (book two)
The privateer carrier Hardway invadesProcyon to destroy an alien blockade gun meant to keep the human raceconfined. Hardway and her pilots meet their match in the Squidies'massive gun and the alien aces that protect it until the privateersdiscover why the aliens are beating them and commit to paying forvictory in war's only true currency.
96 pages
LANCER (book three)
Privateer Admiral Harry Cozen needspilots for an experimental fighter squadron, so he offers the inmatesof Bailey Prison a deal. Colt is serving 5-7 and he knows the deal istoo good to be true, but he still takes it. He and the rest of theC-Block nuggets learn to fly the new F-151 and prepare to sortieagainst alien aces on a mission he knows is far more dangerous thananyone's telling them.
117 pages
TAIPAN (book four)
Hardway is drafted into a force groupcommanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company. She stolehis fighter program and his thousand new pilots. Now, she'sdetermined to use them as cannon fodder. Nobody can argue with herbattle record, but the officers and crew of Hardway and the Lancersof the 133rd Fighter Test Squadron may be all that can keep herpilots alive in a knife-fight deep behind enemy lines.
203 pages
COZEN'S WAR (book five)
The Privateers and the UN fleet havebrought the fight to the Squidies' home system where the Earthinvasion fleet faces off against every ship the aliens can muster.Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but theprice of victory may be a thousand more years of war.
131 pages
AUDIOBOOK version of The War of Alien Aggression now available from
Books 6-8 box set, The Liberty Fleet, available now
Click author link to see all books.
In chronological order:
Hardway (Book 1)
Kamikaze (Book 2)
Lancer (Book 3)
Dreadnought 2165 (Book 3.5)
Taipan (Book 4)
Combat Salvage 2165 (Book 4.5)
Cozen's War (Book 5)
2166 - Force Liberty (Book 6)
2166 - Battle of Shedir (Book 7)
2166 - Devlin's War (Book 8)
Pirates of Alcyone (Book 8.5)
The Otherworld Rebellion (Book 9)

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