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Bargain -  - $69.99 (Was $149.99) Gourmet Kitchen All-IN-ONE Multifunctional Salad Maker @ Product Saver

$69.99 (Was $149.99) Gourmet Kitchen All-IN-ONE Multifunctional Salad Maker @ Product Saver

Hassle free way to make all of your healthy salads.

Whip up all sorts of fresh, healthy salads as fast and easy as 1-2-3 with the Salad Master, the world's most versatile, compact and convenient salad-making system. It features everything you need to rinse, slice, grate, transport, serve and store your favourite Vegetables and Fruits. Simply place your favourite food on top of the stainless steel blades, cover with the slicing lid, and then push down to instantly, effortlessly cut, dice, chop, shred, julienne or grate. Where you can rinse and spin. Perfect for preparing pasta, chicken, fruits and salads.

-Material: abs, pp, & stainless steel
-Firm, durable
-Various blade
-It's easy for washer and disinfect.
-For both professional and family use.

Set Includes:
-Salad Spinner with stop
-Three grills with different sizes for dicing
-3 different mandolin blades (Waffle Blade, Julienne Blade, Slicing Blade)
-Container with cover

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