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Bargain -  - $363.90 (Was $379.00) ARTIST BANJO 5 STRING - FACTORY SECOND @ Artist Guitars

$363.90 (Was $379.00) ARTIST BANJO 5 STRING - FACTORY SECOND @ Artist Guitars

These Banjo's are factory seconds. This means that at some point through our stringent quality control checks they did not meet our standards. These products could have minor scratches, small marks, a slight discolouration of the wood, the paint could be a different colour or other minor cosmetic issues (each Banjor will usually only have one of these issues). These guitars work perfectly and sound the same as the same guitar which passed quality control. We do not have pictures of individual guitars however we do have some examples of what the aesthetic issue could be. We have a very strict Quality Control and if the guitars were damaged significantly or the sound of the guitar was changed they would not have become a factory second (we have 3 different grades for damaged products depending on how damaged an item it). This is a great buy and just like all of our products it also comes with a 100 Days money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty.

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