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Shared 31 Jan, 2016
Bargain -  - Free Android Game - Save The Square Hero: Run Game (Save $4.22) @ Google Play

Free Android Game - Save The Square Hero: Run Game (Save $4.22) @ Google Play

Hi I'm Marty the square hero and I have a very annoying condition.
In this running game I grow quickly when standing still but when I run, I'll shrink again in no time. So you must help me running or I'll die.
But please, watch out for those evil moving bars!

It all seems so easy huh? Try to save me and you'll find out it's INSANE and very hard!
You have to be very fast and good to save him and become the best at the leaderboard.

? Touch the screen to run, release it to stand still and evade the bars.
? Your square hero will grow fast when standing still and shrink again if you run, so don't hesitate or get crushed!
? Evade the bars to save Marty and collect coins and power up cherries.
? Easy to play but hard to master
? INSANELY addictive
? 16 square heroes to collect with bonus coins.
? Do you want to play with a chicken, fluffy cat? Or perhaps a dinosaur, ghost or even the devil?
? Discover all colors by running farther than before
? Share your score with a screenshot and challenge your friends, tell them how good you are.
? Run farther and win more bonus coins
? Endless running game
? One touch

Try to take the first place in the leaderboard and become the best hero in this game.
Unlock all achievements and save all heroes to become a true square hero legend.

How far can you run?

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