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XIAOMI White 2nd Gen Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Mi Robot


Introducing the new XIAOMI Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. This highly intelligent home cleaning device advances the technology of its predecessor, the original Mi Robot. With key additions like a new mop tray, it comes with a redesigned top case, repositioned laser sensor and modified top buttons to make cleaning more efficient and convenient.

With improved battery capacity of about 5200mAh, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is the ideal cleaning assistant to have around the house. Faster and more effective, this device has a built-in bionic tank which not only sweeps the floor, but has the capability to also mop it afterwards for a more intensive cleaning result. It has Z-form brushes on the side, a main brush with V-type bristles and a mop cloth that is as wide as the main brush.

Equipped with a set of 13 smart sensors, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 has a special Laser Distance System which allows it to easily move and perform its tasks within the house. Capable of climbing obstacles as high as 20mm, it has a dependable brushless motor that delivers superior suction power of up to 2000Pa.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 has a washable filter for added convenience, an innovative anti-twining design and an easy load pull and push design for the water compartment. The charging base has been improved with a 180-degree infrared coverage. Furthermore, it works with minimal noise without compromising efficiency.

You don’t have to be around the house to have full control of the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. For real-time monitoring and control, sync it with the Mi Home App on your smartphone, via your Wi-Fi. Not only that, you can also view cleaning progress, set automatic schedules or change cleaning modes whenever you want, wherever you are, giving complete cleaning flexibility at your fingertips, while you enjoy the day stress-free.

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