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Wet Seat Neoprene Seat Covers Lexus RX350 GGL15R Wagon 3/2009-10/2015


Universal front seat covers supplied with this set. Back of universal front seat covers not covered (exposed back). Easy fit fronts. Wet Seat seat covers constructed from full 2.4mm neoprene (no stretch fabric). Rear seats custom made for your specific vehicle. Highly water, abrasion and chemical resistant. UV safe neoprene material. Ribbed sharkskin rubber lining grips to seat without movement or damage. OEM quality seat covers. 4 times denser than regular neoprene. 100% waterproof neoprene material. Neoprene made from 98% rubber. Will not result in increased perspiration. Black neoprene with white stitching. Where applicable, middle and rear rows allow for split fold, armrests and anchor points. Headrest covers provided. Velcro straps to fasten seat covers. 12 months warranty. Allow 14-21 days for custom made set to be made. Image is for illustration purposes only. Note: You will need to create your own headrest holes for front universal seat covers.