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Tomy Beat It Egg Musical Baby Sensory Toy


PRESS AND LISTEN: With 4 different modes this sensory toy plays music to alert your baby's attention and stimulate their auditory senses - use the spoon to tap the shell and hear the notes and funny sounds and push the button to swap to another mode!SENSORY PLAY: This baby music toy has colourful flashing sunglasses that light up when sounds are played to help your baby explore cause and effect and develop their visual and motor skills, all essential steps in their early learning developmentBABY INTERACTIVE TOY: Watch your little one giggle and join in the fun as they watch the egg rock and wobble encouraging them to dance along and stay active while discovering new fun surprisesGOOD QUALITY: Tomy Beat It Eggs are sturdy, well made and perfectly designed for little hands to play with so your baby can enjoy unlimited educational fun!TOOMIES LOVE TO HAVE FUN: Call us quirky, but we’re very serious about not taking playtime too seriously. Because we understand that memories are formed when laughter is shared. So enough about us, lets play