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Sandpit Digger Excavator Push Ride On


Introducing the Rovo Kids Ride-on Sandpit Excavator Digger. Designed to provide hours of imaginative outdoor play, it not only helps improve your children’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills but also promotes upper body strength. 

Capable of delivering real life action, the Rovo Kids Ride-On Sandpit Excavator Digger is the perfect toy to have in any sandpit, backyard or garden. Kids can easily manoeuvre it using the dual control handles and rubber hand grips, while a fully functioning excavator shovel can easily scoop sand, dirt or rocks.   

Unlike other sand diggers in the market, this ride-on has anti-slip large rubber wheels for added fun and excitement. This dream toy also features a sturdy base and a nice spacious seat to ensure your kids are completely safe and comfortable as they play.

Made from environmentally friendly materials, the Rovo Kids Ride-on Sandpit Excavator is lightweight and convenient to bring to the beach, park or any playground.

Engage your kids in truly meaningful and creative outdoor playtime. Order a NEW Rovo Kids Ride-on Sandpit Excavator Digger today!