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S1K Inspired Kids Electric Ride-On Patrol Motorcycle


Presenting the ROVO Ride-On Patrol Motorcycle.

Imagine the look on your child’s face as they hop on the coolest toy on the block!

This top quality Ride-On has absolutely everything a child could want, and sports a stable three wheel design, and rubber rear wheel tread for your peace of mind.

The ROVO boasts an incredible array of features including realistic engine sounds, dual speed modes (3km/h and 7km/h), forward and reverse motion, a horn, headlight and electronic brake. 

Six built-in songs are accompanied by no less than ten flashing patrol lights that change colour. An MP3 player or smartphone can even be plugged to play your child’s favourite music! 

The integrated 12 volt rechargeable battery means the Patrol Bike will entertain for the lengthiest of play dates.

The ROVO Patrol Bike will undoubtedly be your child’s favourite toy.