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Portable Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill Stainless Steel with Folding Legs


There’s nothing better than entertaining friends and family outdoors in beautiful weather with delicious food. It’s a love we all share, and with the New Euro-Grille Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ you can take the cooking, dining and entertainment with you wherever you go. This hassle free bbq features a unique foldout double grill design. From an ultra-compact and portable barrel, it transforms into a substantial double grill charcoal cooker. Just attach the easy clip-in legs and it’s ready to fire up. Alternatively, it doubles as a conventional bbq with hood when you use the second charcoal bed to cover the primary grill. This innovative portable bbq is always ready to pack into any vehicle and easily stores away in the house. It has a wooden handle for easy transportation, and all the accessories fit conveniently inside the body of the barbecue. 

The Euro-Grille Portable Stainless Steel Folding Charcoal BBQ is built with high-quality anti-corrosive stainless steel. This ensures that it’s not only durable, but also extremely light - weighing only 4.5 kg. Despite this model’s compact nature, it’s designed so that its footprint is reflected in the cooking surface with the grill grates virtually utilising the entire width and length of the unit. The dual charcoal beds have notable volume, and feature adjustable side vents that allow an accurate distribution of oxygen into the coals. There’s simply no comparing the rich, smoky chargrilled flavour you get from charcoal permeated meat. This unit also comes with 8 BONUS steel skewers - perfect for cooking delicious chargrilled kebabs. The New Euro-Grille Portable Stainless Steel Folding Charcoal BBQ is one of the most compact, practical and versatile on the market. It’s been designed specifically for active outdoor lifestyles.For those who love spending time at the park, beach or camping with absolute convenience. Purchase your very own today!