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Electric Mobility Scooter FreeRoam


Are you seeking a smart solution for your transportation needs? The EQUIPMED FreeRoam Electric Mobility Scooter, with its many clever features in a stylish red design, will surely fit the bill.
EQUIPMED is TGA Approved, and so it’s no surprise that safety is paramount. The FreeRoam features integrated anti-tip wheels and rear reflectors for visibility. There’s a horn for alerting others, however it may be used more for simply showing off the new pride and joy!
Occupants of up to 110kg can ride, and the practical design offers a range of adjustments to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. The handlebars and the backrest positions can be shifted, and the armrests can be moved outwards to cater for a range of sizes. The mid-size design boasts an impressive turning circle, and with thick comfy padding on the seat and armrests, it is a pleasure for all kinds of everyday use.
Getting on and off the scooter can take place with minimal fuss as the armrests are retractable and the seat can swivel a full 360°. The pivoting seat also allows for dining at a table with ease!
Controlling the FreeRoam is simple and intuitive for anyone to pick up, and Independence is assured with a good range of up to 16 - 20km, and a sensible speed of up to 7km/h. A meter on the dash conveniently indicates the battery power level.
A handy function is the freewheel lever allows the scooter to be pushed, which is useful for situations such as positioning it into it a garage for storage. The backrest and handlebars can be folded down in seconds for a compact size.
The FreeRoam has an adjustable drink bottle holder, and belongings and shopping can go in the sturdy front storage basket. The basket can even be conveniently removed and carried. And, lastly, the FreeRoam is straightforward to assemble, with only the seat and armrests needing to be attached.
EQUIPMED has been producing high-quality aged care products for over a decade, and so you can be rest assured that in many years to come you’ll have no problem when you require new tyres or a replacement battery.
Order your EQUIPMED FreeRoam Electric Mobility Scooter and enjoy the freedom!