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2 Speed Electric Drift Scooter Trike -RPZ


If you’re not sideways, you’re missing out on half the fun! Introducing the RPZ Electric Drift Trike by Bullet. Drift, spin and slide your way around the track and master complete control for the ultimate thrill ride.

At the heart of the RPZ is a electric motor capable of keeping the machine running for up to 40 minutes of throttle use. Gone are the days of pedalling and searching for dangerous hills to race down. Boost into acceleration at the touch of a button and get tail happy with the squeeze of the brakes. The world is your drift course!

The large front wheel is designed for gripping the ground and absorbing harsh bumps while the rear wheels swivel allowing for 360° of trike spinning fun. Feel like a real race car driver in the racing style bucket seat. And you will feel like you’re floating on a cloud thanks to the seat suspension system.

The black and electric blue detailing make for head turning looks on a stand out design. For the funnest and coolest way to get around on wheels, order your Bullet RPZ today.