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12V 120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery- GEL 120-12


The X-Cell 120-12 AGM Deep Cycle Battery delivers the gold standard in Maintenance-Free, Sealed Lead Acid battery performance.  This highly-resilient, portable and powerful 12V 120Ah battery provides enduring off-the-grid power supply for 4WD vehicles, caravans, campers, trailers, motor-homes, saltwater/marine applications, and all 12V appliances you want access to in the outdoors.  

X-Cell AGM deep cycle batteries have been designed to produce a longer, consistent and more drawn out charge than alternative products on the market.  The 120-12 boasts an incredible Cycle Life of 1450 cycles and an industry leading Build Life making it one of the most enduring offerings in its class.  It’s fitted with 8mm/M8 bolt down terminals for a more reliable and practical user experience, and has a high oxygen-recombination efficiency that results in superior deep discharge recovery.

The 120-12 occupies advanced fine fiberglass mats between its plates that act to retain the electrolyte that would otherwise be free flowing, resulting in a much more stable and reliable end-product.  X-Cell AGM batteries are completely sealed, meaning they don't leak or let off any gas and come with a range of other benefits.

  • Lighter
  • Greater cycle life
  • Withstand knocks and vibrations
  • Higher sulfation resistance
  • Longer storage life
  • Better low temperature performance
  • Charges up to 5x faster than flooded batteries
  • Reduces potential to be spilled in accidents
  • *Maintenance-free

This battery affords outdoor enthusiasts the freedom to enjoy the finer things in life while enjoying R&R off-the-grid.  Run handy appliances like portable fridges and washers.  Connect a solar panel to recharge the battery during the day.  Enjoy total peace of mind knowing that there's a power source by your side in remote locations.  Order your very own X-Cell 120-12 AGM Deep Cycle Battery today!