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1.3L Soup Maker


The Euro-Chef's powerful motor offers you 11,000-22,000RPM, making it easy to put a positive spin on the making of soup and cocktails. Featuring an inbuilt overflow sensor, your Euro-Chef will sound the alarm if you accidentally overfill it.

With a generous 1.3L volume, your Euro-Chef can cook up a storm for the whole family in only 15-25 minutes. And once dinner is finished, it will be ready to fix the cocktails, too. Blending at 11,000-22,000RPM, the compact Euro-Chef is the quick assistant that any bartender appreciates.

With the Euro-Chef, making soup really is a cinch. Simply pick your preferred style of soup and - well, there is no "and". That's it! In 15-25 minutes, your delicious soup will be ready to be served. So, for soup that's everyone's cup of tea - order your Euro-Chef today!